Hood Canal Lodge #288 F. & A.M.

Becoming a Mason

Many men have become Freemasons through the years, and yet it is not commonly known how one actually becomes a Freemason.

It is one of the ancient landmarks (customs) of regular Freemasonry that one is not asked to become a Mason - a man must do it of his own volition. To do that, he should understand what Freemasonry is, and what it offers.

No regular Mason will pressure you, and since we are all proud of our fraternity, we encourage you to ask. If you decide that Freemasonry is for you, contact us for assistance in applying.

Where can I get a petition?

You may obtain a petition for membership by one of two ways.

  • By contacting our Lodge- secretary at hoodcanal288.org
  • By asking a Mason for one.

Once you have filled it out, you may give it and the $149.00 petition fee to a Freemason or the Secretary of a Lodge and they will guide you through the rest of the application process.